Engineering Services

• Process Design: Mercury Removal Units for Gas, Water, or Hydrocarbon Liquid
• Mercury Adsorbent: Specify Type, Particle Size, & Quantity Required
• Performance Guarantee: Media Life & ∆P at Design Conditions
• Mercury Removal Vessel: Determine Dimensions & Features
• Mercury Removal Vessel: Mechanical Design
• Vessel Drawings: Review & Comment at Design & Pre-Fabrication stages
• P&ID Drawings: Review & Comment at Design & Pre-Construction stages
• Start-Up Procedure
• Existing Units: Performance Evaluation, Media Replacement Advice

• Technology Selection Stage
• Pre-FEED or Feasibility Stage
• FEED (Front-End Engineering-Design) Stage
• EPC Stage – Final Design for Construction
• TECHNICAL SUPPORT – During All Project Stages & After Start-Up


• Natural Gas Production: On-Shore & Off-Shore
• Natural Gas Processing: LPG Recovery, N2 Rejection, LNG production
• Ethylene Production: Feed Gas, Feed Liquids, Cracked Gas, Refrigerant Gas
• Synthesis Gas – Hot SynGas from coal for Liquids production
• Oil Refining: Light Olefin Gas recovered from FCC Units, Waste Water
• Pipeline: Waste Liquids from Pigging
• Gold Mining & Gold Refining: Furnace, Carbon Kiln, & E-Cell Off-Gases
• Chlor-Alkali Production: Hydrogen, Waste Water
• Mercury Recycling: Retort Off-Gas, Waste Waters
• Fluorescent Lamp Manufacturing & Recycling: Process Exhaust Air
• De-Militarization: Hot Incinerator Off-Gas
• Sewage Sludge Incinerators: Hot Incinerator Off-Gas
• Environmental Remediation: Sub-Ground Water, Rain Water run-off
• De-Commissioning: Mercury Removal during Procedures & from Scrap

Providing Solutions to remove mercury for emission control, corrosion prevention and catalyst protection.

Selective Adsorption Associates, Inc. (SAA) offers over 40 years of experience in Process Engineering of Adsorption Systems for Gas and Liquid Drying, Sulfur Compound Removal, Emission Control, and over 20 years of Process Design experience in Mercury Removal Systems.

CAUTION: Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air. Thus, an asphyxiation hazard exists inside enclosed spaces containing activated carbon. Use appropriate safety precautions when entering vessels or other enclosed spaces containing activated carbon. Exposure to strong acids and oxidizers can cause formation of toxic H2S gas.

MERSORB® is a trademark of Nucon International, Inc. (NUCON®) for impregnated activated carbons used to remove mercury from gases and liquids. NUSORB® is a trademark of NUCON for its activated carbons. Information presented herein is believed to be accurate and reliable but does not provide any guarantee or warrantee by NUCON® or by Selective Adsorption Associates, Inc. Nothing herein shall be construed as an invitation to use processes covered by patents without proper arrangements with individuals or companies owning those patents.

AntiMercure® is a Registered Trademark of Selective Adsorption Associates, Inc. (SAA) for its Process for removing mercury from water; AntiMercure™ is a trademark of SAA for its pre-Engineered Systems for removing mercury from water. All Rights Reserved.