Mercury Adsorbents for Gas & Liquids


The MERSORB® mercury adsorbent Product Line includes a wide range of product types & particle sizes to remove mercury in almost any industry where mercury control is required for protection of plant equipment and the environment.

All grades & pellet (extrudate) sizes of MERSORB® mercury adsorbent have 1,000 m2/gram of internal surface area. This surface area provides several times the internal adsorption surface area per m3 of installed volume of competitive mercury adsorbents such as activated alumina & granular metal oxide. Internal surface area & the right impregnant chemical for a specific application are what create the mercury-removing power of an adsorbent. For the best performance, choose the mercury adsorbent with the highest surface area per installed m3.

MERSORB® mercury adsorbent is supplied as sulfur-impregnated activated carbon pellets in several particle sizes for removing mercury from air, natural gas, hydrogen, nitrogen, & other gases, both dry & water-saturated. Custom granular particle sizes are also available.

MERSORB® CR mercury adsorbent is supplied in 1.5mm, 3mm, & 4mm pellet sizes and is impregnated with a metal-oxide for gas applications where intermittent exposure to hydrocarbon liquids is expected. Competing metal oxide spheres have a low internal surface area (≤ 50 m2/g) and have a low mercury capacity on a weight % basis and per m3 of installed adsorbent. Impregnated activated aluminas have an internal surface area of only about 250 m2/g vs. the internal surface area of 1,000 m2/g of MERSORB® CR mercury adsorbent.

MERSORB® CR is also used to treat hydrocarbon liquids such as propane, butane, LPG, naphtha, and light condensate; it removes both sulfur compounds and mercury.

MERSORB® HT mercury adsorbent is supplied in 1.5mm, 3mm, & 4mm, pellet sizes and is quality control tested to 200 °C. This product has proven its ability to provide high mercury removal efficiencies at feed gas temperatures as high as 130+ °C.

MERSORB® LW mercury adsorbent is supplied in 1.5mm & 1.0mm pellets for removing mercury from liquid water. Using our AntiMercure® Process and MERSORB® LW mercury adsorbent, treated water qualities of < 0.050 ppBw Hg have been achieved.

MERSORB® LH mercury adsorbent is supplied in 1.5mm & 1.0mm pellets for removing mercury from liquid hydrocarbons such as propane, butane, LPG, and light condensate.

Providing Solutions to remove mercury for emission control, corrosion prevention and catalyst protection.

Selective Adsorption Associates, Inc. (SAA) offers over 40 years of experience in Process Engineering of Adsorption Systems for Gas and Liquid Drying, Sulfur Compound Removal, Emission Control, and over 20 years of Process Design experience in Mercury Removal Systems.

CAUTION: Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air. Thus, an asphyxiation hazard exists inside enclosed spaces containing activated carbon. Use appropriate safety precautions when entering vessels or other enclosed spaces containing activated carbon. Exposure to strong acids and oxidizers can cause formation of toxic H2S gas.

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