Product Data MERSORB® LH
Mercury Adsorbent for Liquid Hydrocarbons

For Use with Liquid Hydrocarbons, Air, Hydrogen, and Other Gases

MERSORB® LH mercury adsorbent is a pelleted, steam activated carbon, which has been impregnated with a proprietary inorganic salt for removal of mercury from liquid hydrocarbons. This impregnant chemical does not dissolve in liquid hydrocarbons, therefore MERSORB® LH mercury adsorbent retains its mercury-removal performance when treating liquid hydrocarbons. MERSORB® LH mercury adsorbent is available in 1.0, 1.5, 3.0, & 4.0mm diameter pellets.

MERSORB® LH mercury adsorbent has proven performance to remove Hg & organo-Hg to
< 1 ppBw Hg (< 1 µg Hg/Kg). Low surface area metal oxide & metal sulfide Hg adsorbents only remove elemental Hg. Liquid Hydrocarbon Applications: propane, naphtha, light condensate cracker feedstocks, and produced condensate. This Product does NOT require a nitrogen blanket during vessel loading; can be loaded in air. Adsorption Process Design and Field Services are available.

MERSORB® LH mercury adsorbent is also recommended for some high temperature gas phase applications. The Hg-chemisorbing impregnant in MERSORB® LH works at temperatures up to 300°F (149 °C).


 Surface Area, substrate, N2 BET method

1,000 m2/gram, minimum

 CCl4 Activity (ASTM D3467)

60 wt. %, minimum

 Moisture Content (ASTM D2867)

3 wt. % max, as packaged

 Apparent Density (ASTM D 2854)

30 to 34 Lbs/Cu. Ft. (480 to 545 Kg/m3)

 Impregnant Content

5.0 wt. %

 pH (ASTM D 3838)

8 to 9

Providing Solutions to remove mercury for emission control, corrosion prevention and catalyst protection.

Selective Adsorption Associates, Inc. (SAA) offers over 40 years of experience in Process Engineering of Adsorption Systems for Gas and Liquid Drying, Sulfur Compound Removal, Emission Control, and over 20 years of Process Design experience in Mercury Removal Systems.

CAUTION: Wet activated carbon removes oxygen from air. Thus, an asphyxiation hazard exists inside enclosed spaces containing activated carbon. Use appropriate safety precautions when entering vessels or other enclosed spaces containing activated carbon. Exposure to strong acids and oxidizers can cause formation of toxic H2S gas.

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